Iron Horse 10th Anniversary Celebration, August 9th

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When I first discovered Iron Horse Brewery, about 9 years ago, it was in the hands of its founder, Jim Quilter. He was a great guy and a skilled brewer, but when I visited him at the brewery he admitted that he didn’t much care for the business end of the beer business. He favored the beer end of the beer business. Jim handed over Iron Horse’s reins to new owners in 2006. Today, I’m sure Jim would be proud of what’s become of his brewery in the hands of Greg Parker and the rest of the crew at Iron Horse.

On August 8th, Iron Horse Brewery celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a party at the Micro Pub (tasting room) in downtown Ellensburg. Live music, food, and delicious beers poured by highly skilled beer professionals await you. The party starts at 5:00 and ends at 10:00.

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